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The aim of Council on Korean Studies at Michigan State University is to support two prime endeavors of higher education to encourage diversity and to build global linkages.

There are approximately 1,000 students of Korean ethnic background, including international students from Korea and Korean American students, enrolled at MSU. There are about 70 full-time faculty, academic specialists and staffs of Korean ethnic background. There are about 20,000 residents of Korean background in the State of Michigan, including both foreign- and US-born Korean Americans, and adopted children.

In addition to the growth of the Korean population, there have been linkages established with universities in Korea and an increase in flows of goods and services (trade) between Korea and the State of Michigan.

It is our aspiration that the Council on Korean Studies helps to support various activities among Korea, Michigan State University, the State of Michigan, and the U.S.A. As Korea plays an increasingly important role in the political and economic realms of Asia and the world we see a growing need for the Council as a nonprofit and community-based voluntary organization.


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A group of people interested in Korea, including faculty and Korean students at Michian State University, and community leaders in the Greater Lansing Area formed an ad hoc committee in 1991 for the purpose of developing a Korean Council under the Asian Studies Center at Internaitonal Studies and Programs, Michigan State University. It was at this time that Korean Studies at Michigan State University was institutionalized under the leadership of the late Dr. Gill-Chin Lim, Dean of International Studies and Programs (1991-1995). The late Dr. Vince Hoffman, a professor of Criminal Justice, was invited to hold the position of the Founding President of the council. Dr. Won K. Paik, a professor of Political Science at Central Michigan University, served as the 2nd President of the council.




Dr.Gill-Chin Lim

Dr.Vince Hoffman

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The main objectives are:

  • to promote Korea among the people of Michigan and the United States,

  • to establish important networks of information about Korean society and cultures

  • to sponsor exchange programs between Korea and the United States, including artists, writers, natural and social scientists,

  • to provide an institutional support base for various programs on Korean Studies at MSU and at other U.S. universities, and

  • to encourage graduate and undergraduate education on Korea as promising outreach programs.

Currently, Council on Korean Studies is working closely with Visiting International Professional Program (VIPP), Michigan State University Alumni Association in Korea (MAAK), Visiting International Professional Program Alumni Association (Club Spartan), Korean Student Organization (KSO), and Korean-American Student Association (KSA).

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Executive Officers  President            

                                  Vice Presidents   



Advisory Board       Chair                     

                                  Board Members


Mr. Peter Yoon (president)                            

Mr. Sung Soo Chung (vice president)          

Dr. Ok Sook Park (vice president)                      

Dr. Kyoo Il Kim (treasurer)                           

Dr. Saetbyul Park (scholarship chair)         

Dr. Hope Elizabeth May (secretary)             

Dr. Won Ok Song (chair)

Dr. Won K Paik (president emeritus)

Dr. Kiwon Kang (president emeritus)

Dr. Kye H Ha

Dr. Sung Gil Lee

Peter Yoon, Current President of the Council on Korean Studies

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