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The Art of Protest: Democratization and Identity Formation in South Korea, Dr. Youngju Ryu, Associate Professor of Korean Literature, University of Michigan

A Mixture of Old and New Korean Music, Performed by Seoul National University New Music Ensemble.


Korean Independence Movement Day - 100th Anniversary Concert, Co-hosted with New Hope Baptist Church.


Forward Into Memory: An Untold Story of Korean Peace History in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presented by Dr. Hope Elizabeth May, Professor of Philosophy, Central Michigan University.


North Korea As Artistic Inspiration, Presented by Dr. Suk-Young Kim, Professor of Theatre Department, University of California.

Film Presentation: "The Bacchus Lady," Made by Mr. E J-Yong, Film Director.


"The US Policy Toward Korea, China, and Japan: Challenges and Prospects," Presented by Dr. Jin Park, Chairman of Korean-American Association; Former Congressman.

Film Presentation: "People Are the Sky: A Journey to North Korea," Made by Dr. Kim-Gibson, Writer and Film Maker.


Film Presentation: "A Forgotten People: The Sakhalin Koreans", Made by Dr. Kim-Gibson, Writer and Film Maker.


"Korean Community’s Present and Future -Role of Young Students", Presented by The Honorable Boo Kyum Kim, Former Supreme Council Member, Democratic Party of Korea.


"Trauma in Contemporary Korean Fiction", Presented by Dr. Bruce Fulton, The Inaugural Holder of the Young-Bin Min Chair, University of British Columbia and Ms. Ju-Chan Fulton, The Author and Translator.


"Korean Armistice to Peace Treaty", Presented by Mr. Changsoo Kim, Korea National Strategy Institute.


"Rediscovering Korean Tranditional Mud Houses", Presented by Dr. Je Soon Ko; Co-hosted with Asian Studies Center and the Visiting International Professional Program.


"Life Inside the Hermit Kingdom: North Korea Ideology, Worldview and Mindset", Mr. Hyun-Sik Kim, the research professor at George Mason University.

February 6, 2020


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