Previous Award Recipients






































































































































Sahie Kang, Ph.D., Director of School of Korean, Middlebury College, USA

Jacqueline Pak, Ph.D., Former Professor of Korean History at Cornell University, USA

Joon Oh, Former Ambassador of Korea to the United Nations, Korea

The Late Hallie Covington, Missionary for Korea, USA

Sung Soon Kim, President of National Korean Studies Seminar, USA

The 68th AAA Gun Battalion/508th Ops Detachment, Korean War Veterans Group, USA

Seong Chi, M.D., Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeon M.D., Michigan, USA

Robert Turley, President and Founder of the Korean Art Society, New York, USA

Pyong Gap Min, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor; Director, The Research Center for Korean Community, Queens College, USA

Robert M. Oppenheim, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dong Jin Kim, Chairman, The Hulbert Memorial Society, Korea

Daewook Hong, Orthotist & Founder, New Hope Rehabilitation Foundation, USA


Boo Kyum Kim, Former National Assemblyman, Korea

Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, Ph.D., Writer & Filmmaker, USA


Mary Connor, President, the Korea Academy for Educators, USA

Dong-Hae Kim, M.D., Medical Director, Vision Care Service, Korea

Special Tributes

Eunil Lee, Ph.D., Poet, USA


Bruce Fulton, Ph.D. & Ju-Chan Fulton, The Inaugural Holder of Young-Bin Min Chair, University of British Columbia; 

                Author, USA

Djun Kil Kim, Professorial Chair, University of Asia & the Pacific, Philippines


Mark A. Peterson, Ph.D., Professor, Brigham Young University, USA

Jong S. Kweon, Director, A Cup of Water International, USA

Special Tributes

Eyun-Kee Lee, Novelist, Korea            


Marn J. Cha, Ph.D., Professor, California State University, Fresno, USA

Chung Youn Kim, Medical Missionary for Uganda, Korea

Harry Kim, Former Mayor of Hilo, Hawaii, USA


Heinz Insu Fenkl, Professor, State University of New York, New Paltz, USA

Suk-Hi Kim, Ph.D., Professor, University of Detroit Mercy, USA

Samuel D. Yoo, M.D., Medical Missionary for Uganda, Korea


Yoon Joo Lee, Ph.D., Economist/CTO, United States Agency for International Development, USA

David McCann, Ph.D., Professor, Harvard University, USA

Anne Sibley O’Brien, Writer/Publisher, USA


Hoon-Yung Hopgood, State Representative of Michigan, USA

Tariq Hussain, Country Representative, Maxmakers, Korea

Jong Nam Oh, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Monetary Fund, Korea


Dean L. Hubbard, Ph.D., President, Northwest Missouri State University, USA

Young Whan Kihl, Ph.D., Professor, Iowa State University, USA

Martha Vickery, for Korean Quarterly, State of Minnesota, USA

Special Tributes

Joo Won Seo, Former Secretary General, Korean Federation for Environmental Movement


John Conyers Jr., Congressman, the House of Representatives, USA

Chang Soo Huh, Chairman, GS Holdings, Korea

Young Woo Kang, Ph.D., Presidential Appointee by U.S. Senate, USA

Mikhail N. Pak, Ph. D., Professor, Moscow State University, Russia

Don Hee Lee, for Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, Korea

Special Tributes

Joon S. Moon, Ph.D., Charman, Mt. Rose Capital, USA

Sang-Yong Nam, Ph.D., President of Supporting Committee for Center for Korean Studies at University of Michigan, USA

Chul Young Kim, Ph.D., President, Michigan State University Alumni Association, Korea

Tai Sung Kim, Ph.d., Professor, Lansing Community College, USA

John Ruselowski, Chairman, Korean War Veterans Committee, Michigan, USA


Kyungshik Kang, Ph.D., Professor, Brown University, USA

Young-Key Kim-Renaud, Ph.D., Professor, George Washington University, USA

Bertrand M. Renaud, Ph.D., Consultant, World Bank, USA

Suk Ku Song, Ph. D., Emeritus Professor, Dongguk University, Korea

Nels Running, Major General, for 50th Anniversary of Korean War Commemoration Committee, USA       

Myung Ja Kim, Ph. D., Distinguished Professor, Myongji University, Korea

Special Tributes

Sandy Holy, Assistant Director of Visiting International Professional Program, Michigan State University, USA

Sang Woong Lee, Branch Manager of Dong-A USA, Michigan, USA


Katharine H.S. Moon, Ph.D., Jane Bishop Associate Professor, USA

Kook Hyun Moon, Wellesley College President and Chief Executive Officer, Yuhan-Kimberly, USA

Yoon-Soo Park, Ph.D., Chairman of National Board of Directors, Korean American Scholarship Foundation, USA

Ung Soo Kim, Ph.D., Chairman of Board of Directors, The International Council on Korean Studies (ICKS), USA

Jurgen Kleiner, J.D., Career Diplomat, German Foreign Service, Germany

Special Tributes

Sung Woo Lee, Former President of Lee Mart Inc., USA

Dennis H. Marvin, Regional Economic Development director, the Economic Development of CMS Energy, USA

Kyu-Taik Sung, Ph.D., Endowed Chair Professor, University of Southern California, USA


Chong Kuk Son, Ph.D., Chancellor, Kyonggi University, Korea

Woon-Hyung Lee, Chairperson, SeAh Group, Korea

The Nautilus Institute, Peter Hayes, Ph.D., Executive Director; Tim Savage, Senior SEcurity Program Officer, Berkeley,

                California, USA

Special Tributes

Charles W. Greenleaf, Vice President for University Projects, Michigan State University, USA

Woo Yeol Kim, Korea House, East Lansing, Michigan, USA


Susan Sungsoo Cho, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist & Manager, Nutrition Research Programs, Kellogg Company, USA

Ilpyong J. Kim, Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut; President of International Council on Korean Studies

                (ICKS), USA

Jong Moon Lee, Chairperson & CEO, Ambex Venture Group, USA

Jeffrey Jones, President, American Chamber of Commerce, Korea

Special Tributes

Brett Song, Vice President, Michigan Alumni Association in Korea (MAAK), Korea


Sister Agnes Park, Director, Joseph Shelter, Ulsan, Korea

E. Han Kim, Ph.D., Fred M. Taylor Professor, University of Michigan, USA

Special Tributes

Sung Hai Chi, Medical Doctor, Holt, Michigan, USA


Chungwon Choue, Ph.D., President, Kyunghee University, Korea

Moo-Yong Han, Ph.D., Department of Physics, Duke University, USA

Elaine Kim, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Ethnics Studies, Univesity of California, Berkeley, USA

Special Tributes

Vincent Hoffman, Professor of Criminal Justice, Michan State University, USA


Byung Young Ahn, Ph.D., Minister of Education, Korea

Alice Amsden, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Sang Hoon Bang, President, Chosun Ilbo, Korea

Honorable Donald Gregg, Honorable President, The Korea Society, USA

Chong-Ryang Kim, President, Hanyang University, Korea

Chinan-Murphy Schools, Chinan Elementary School, Chinan, Korea; Murphy Elementary School, Haslatt, Michigan,


Mirae Foundation, Chicago, USA

Special Tributes

Michael Miller, Director, Visiting International Professional Program, Michigan State University, USA


Bong Hak Hyun, M.D., Professor, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, USA

Stephen S. Kahng, President & CEO, Power Computing, USA

James J. Kim, Ph.D., Chairperson, ANAM Industrial Co., Ltd, USA

Steve Linton, Ph.D., Chairperson, The Eugene Bell Centennial Foundation, USA

Myong Oh, Ph.D., President, Dong-A Il-Bo, Korea

Wong-Bong Sul, Chiarperson &CEO, TS Corporation, Korea

Moon J. Park, M.D., Ph.D., President, for the Christian Association for Medical Mission, USA

Ms. Cindy Silvil, Representative, for Korea Culture Camp of Eastern Michigan, USA


Edward Baker, J.D., Associate Director, Havard Yenching Institute, USA

Edward Chang, President, Committee for SAT to Korean, USA

Elliot Kang, President & CEO, Kang and Lee Advertising, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Chong H. Lee; Mr. and Mrs. Hyu Young Moon, Advisors, Korean-American Student Conference, USA

Kwang Dong Cho, Editor, for the We Magazine, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Special Tributes

Sang Won Lee, Entrepreneur, Lansing, Michigan, USA

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