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October 10~11, 1991

"Rediscovery of Korea: Justice & Humanity", in celebration of the Global Korea Award's Platinum Anniversary, Michigan State Universtiy.


Council on Korean Studies supported the Preparation Meeting for the Establishment of the Global Association for Koreans Abroad.


"International Symposium on Education Reform in Korea", Michigan State University.


“Next Stage for Korean Development: Longer Vision and Action in a Global Cultural Era”, Michigan State University.


"Transforming Koran Business and Management Culture", Michigan State University.


"Nutritional Problems of North Korea: Current Status and Possible Solutions", School of Public Policy and Management, Korea Development Institute, Korea.


"The Global Transformation Toward a Sustainable Civil Society", Korea; cohosted with Consortium on Development Studies.


"Building A Global Education Community for the 21st Century", School of Public Policy and Management, Korea Development Institute, Korea.


An International Symposium on Transformation toward a Civil Society, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Korean Independence Day, Michigan State University; cohosted with The Department of Political Science, Asian Studies Center, and International Studies and Programs. The Global Korea Award was initiated to recognize those who worked quietly for the promotion of Korea and Korean community in the world. The recipients of the award included Edward Baker, Eliot Kang, Hui-young Moon, Jong-Whee Lee, Edward Jang, and Kwang Dong Cho.


"Social Movements and Professional Knowledge", Michigan State University; cohosted with International Studies and Programs. The invited discussants included Ki Pyo Chang, Kwang Dong Cho, Byung Ho Chung, Kwang Yul Chun, Hyung Yon Cho, Byeonggil Ahn, Jong Sung Yoo, Ki Bum Lee, Dong-Ok Lee and Hyunduk Yoon.


A Symposium on Pacific Rim Affairs, Michigan State University; cohosted by International Studies and Programs.


An International Conference on People and Literature in Korea, Michigan State University; cohosted with International Studies and Program.


"Environmental Movement, Social Responsibility and National Transformation", Michigan State University.


"Transformation in the Korean Peninsula Toward the 21st Century: Peace, Unity and Progress", Michigan State University. More than 600 people attended the conference. Keynote speakers included Jong Yang Kim, Jin-Hyun Kim, Chong Ha Yoo, An-Jae Kim, Kenneth E. Corey, Un Ko and Sang Hyun Kim.


"Korea-Its Political and Economic Future", Michigan State University. Professionals from the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea made presentations. The Honorable Chang-Hee Roe, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the U.N. delivered a Keynote address.


"Dynamic Transformation of Societies", Seoul National University, Korea; cohosted with Seoul National University, Korea Planners Association, Asian Studies Center, and Consortium on Development Studies.

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